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How to get Kilimanjaro

You do not have to be a mountaineer to set foot on the summit of Kilimanjaro. Entering does not require the use of crampons or ice axes, which on the other hand does not mean that it is easy. Kibo is at an altitude of 5895 meters.

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Trolltunga in Norway

A rock tongue hanging for several meters hanging 700 meters above the Ringedalsvatnet lake has been one of Norway’s biggest attractions for several years.  No one is discouraged by the fact that taking a picture on the tip of Trolltunga, or the Language of the Troll, requires covering 23 kilometers through the mountains.

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Huang Shan – The most beautifull chinese mountains

They appear on the 20 yuan banknote.  The area is famous for landscapes, sunrises, granite, green peaks with interesting shapes, a characteristic species of pine, hot springs, snowy winters and the phenomenon of a sea of ​​fog. The Huang Shan Mountains are a common topic in Chinese painting and literature, as well as modern photography.  


The highest unexplored peaks of the world

Each of us once dreamed of reaching a summit for the first time. Most people think that everything has already been acquired. However, unconquered corners remained on earth…