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Karakorum Highway – how looks like China – Pakistan road

When someone asks me which way I think is the prettiest I answer Karakorum Highway. Karakorum Highway – is one of the most beautiful mountain roads – it’s hard to disagree with this, since from the route you can see for example Nanga Parbat, impressive gorges, glaciers, emerald lakes … Next to the similar, the Pamir Highway is one of the most interesting roads in the world, belonging to those in the must see travel category.

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Huang Shan – The most beautifull chinese mountains

They appear on the 20 yuan banknote.  The area is famous for landscapes, sunrises, granite, green peaks with interesting shapes, a characteristic species of pine, hot springs, snowy winters and the phenomenon of a sea of ​​fog. The Huang Shan Mountains are a common topic in Chinese painting and literature, as well as modern photography.